Frank Spadone

frankSpadone 1500x1500 stage

Frank’s personable accounts of family life have quickly made him a top headliner at comedy clubs across Canada along with being featured in festivals in Australia, South Africa and regular face at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada. As a Just For Laughs alumni, Frank hosted the 2010 cross Canada JFL Tour, and was then featured as the opening act in Jeremy Hotz’s 2013 National Tour “The Magical Misery Tour”.

Along with club performances Frank’s solo show has also taken him to soft seat theaters in Canada and the U.S. hitting major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Vancouver, Detroit and Chicago. Frank’s movie credits include Harold and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Take The Lead and The Man and in 2016 guest starred on an episode of Mr. D on CBC.

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